E-Commerce Websites with Guaranteed SEO Marketing

Interested in selling products online? We design, promote and can fully maintain your store for a low flat monthly or yearly fee!
q Client e-commerce stores generate hundreds and thousands of dollars in profits each month!

Many clients on the $40 SEO Package sell thousands quarterly!


All Stores include Guaranteed SEO Services!

If you already have an E-Commerce website (e-store) and are only interested in driving traffic and sales, we offer standalone Guaranteed SEO Services.
You can publish your own products with ease, but most clients prefer to email their products with details and prices so we can upload them to their online stores!

Custom Website Design

There is a one time $600 set up fee to completely design your website. This includes logos, custom email, writing, products, setting up the shopping cart and various custom banners to give your website a unique and professional look!


Commission E-Commerce: Managed Merchant Services

Our Commission based E-Commerce Web Stores are 100% maintained by us. We build, maintain and process payments for the web store through our merchant accounts. We also provide our daily SEO Services to drive sales and raise conversions in your store. Few other companies provide basic SEO in their online store packages, but they charge you monthly and do not guarantee visitors or to help drive sales. With us, you only pay once to build the website and as experts in SEO, we can guarantee the traffic and sales to then pay you forever! We are the only company to provide you a complete online solution with marketing!
If you prefer processing your own sales (requires merchant account) and paying us for maintenance and marketing, we will set up the website for you and bill our guaranteed seo services pricing to market and maintain your online store. Please call for more information or visit our SEO page. For more information on our custom online store solutions, please continue below.
Key Benefits:

  • Unlimited Web Design

  • Unlimited Product Listings

  • Instant Downloads – (Music, Digital Downloads)

  • Unlimited Web Hosting

  • Unlimited Custom Email Storage

  • Domain Name Included

We provide you a turn key store online, where you maintain the complete customer service and order fulfillment aspect of it. We send you orders, you ship them and we pay you. Our SEO Experts will build, maintain and drive traffic to your website, only charging a flat 10% per sale as our service fee. You never actually pay this fee, we deduct it from sales we generate online for you! This service fee will only be on sales through the website that utilize our Merchant Accounts (Google Checkout and Paypal) for payment processing and will also cover your website’s  Guaranteed SEO services, Web Hosting, Custom Email, Domain Name renewal and use of our secured SSL gateway via Godaddy.com
All of the profits left from each sale, subtracting any merchant/credit card transaction fees (1.7%-3.7% per processed payment) will be paid back to you. Payment arrangements are made upon drafting our general business agreement, but range from weekly to monthly depending on the cost of your product. We drive searchers to your website, list your products and create a payment method to accept all major credit cards. We then pay you the profits of every sale, minus our commission and incurred Credit Card costs according to our business agreement. For a total of around 5% -two percent our service fee and the other three percent credit card processing fees, which we can build into your pricing so you don’t lose any margins, you have a website that pays you and don’t have to maintain!
The emails and calls that arise from your website can be time consuming. We know your time is valuable and how many other things are on your plate, so we also have a complete turn key customer service E-commerce website solution. If you’re more interested in creating passive income, we can also maintain all of your customer service for you. Here you will still be responsible for shipping out the orders we send you, but our team will take care of the calls and emails that arise from the online store for a 15% commission per sale.
Website Templates are available for your Web store. We have hundreds of designs available to suit your preference and business needs. All the colors, pictures, backgrounds, logos and text will be fully customized. Please call for more information.


Refunds / Cancellation

Refunds and Cancellations are simple and worry free. In the very unlikely event that you’d wish to cancel our partnership, the domain name we purchased for you will be transferred to your name and email address. All of the online sales profits still pending in our merchant accounts will be paid back to you.  There are no refunds on the one time set up fee after purchasing a domain and setting up or optimizing a website. If you choose to cancel during our initial phone conversation, you will be refunded in full, subtracting any merchant processing fees.
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