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We’re Lara Master Creations, led by Christopher Lara, founder and lead web designer here at Lara Master Creations LLC in Los Angeles. We take pride in our work and truthfully never see a client’s website as “complete.”


There are thousands of pieces to each website and our job for you is not only to design and set it up, but maintain, revise and ultimately convert each and every page of the website to drive sales from Google, Yahoo and Bing organic search results.

For instance, Shipping terms and or frequently asked questions, including services and about pages and other areas of the website are easily overlooked. Many times, these can be the root of conversion problems.


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This is a snippet of writing utilized in SEO for one of our larger established designer diamond Jewelers who have contracted us for daily seo. We spend time thinking of what your potential customers are asking, would wonder or worry about, and do our best to solve problems, answer questions and educate.


Aside from research, we take care of Meta titles, descriptions, labeling images, internal linking, consistent posting, including everything white hat and organic SEO to persistently convert searchers into paying customers.

Birthstone for July and the zodiac gem for the sign of Cancer, the red ruby has established itself into all aspects of human life across the centuries. Being exceptionally rare and remarkably durable for daily use, ancient cultures revered just as Bez Ambar’s clients do today, over finding, designing and owning, a vivid, genuine ruby engagement ring, necklace or earrings.

Christopher Lara

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My name is Noel Jordan and I have tried 3 times to open a website and I was never successful until I meet Chris. At the beginning I was not too convinced because everybody tells you the same thing. I will put you in the first page and you wait months, years and nothing. But with Chris it was different I think it’s barely been like 8 months and I’m not only on the first pages I’m making large sales already. I with Confidence can say that he’s already paid for the next 5 years and It has only been 8 months. What else can I say but that I’m Extremely very satisfied.

Noel Jordan


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3From carpet cleaning, pet doors, wholesale clothing, makeup, custom upholstery, windows, jewelry accessories, urban clothing, medical clinics, designer jewelers and more, our team drives sales and leads for any keywords and business online!
If a local small business, we look forward to meeting everyone, learning the business, improving content writing, locating your ideal customers and helping you consistently close sales through revisions and new additions.


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