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If you’ve done any searching for web design or seo services then you know how expensive it can be, and how little you get for your money.
Quite frankly, all of our competitors still try to get the most out of people instead of doing the most for them in order to build an honorable reputation as both a person and business.
My name is Christopher Lara, Founder, web designer and seo consultant here at Lara Master Creations LLC in Los Angeles.
Our unique website, consulting and online marketing packages are unmatched; we provide web hosting, domain names and complete seo internet marketing.
You will not find any Los Angeles SEO Companies who care more about your business and success.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. We design your website with mobile devices in mind. More people use cell phones, ipads and tablets to search online; we ensure that your website loads quick and is aesthetic on mobile, tablet and desktop views.
Your website visitors will see a layout customized for whatever technology they use. Responsive design is one of the most popular and least confusing solutions for mobile customers and search engine spiders alike.
We create organic traffic from Google, Yahoo & Bing with strategic content marketing. This service is only performed once your current website is revised or new site is completed as ther is no use optimizing a website with a bunch of small yet vital problems keeping the site from converting, selling and or thriving!

SEO Services & SEO Consulting


Best Local Small Business SEO Company

1We are unique in that there are no limits to website pages, images, products or keywords and our prices are a fraction of the competition. Available 7 days a week, we will not rest until you are also a raving client! Most simple updates occur the same day but all website changes occur within a week.
Social media, website subscriptions, email forms and other sharing buttons are also implemented to get your website credible and in search results!
A website has thousands of parts, and as a client you can expect to see constant improvements and new features over time. The entire process is not overnight, although some clients have profited in a few weeks and even immediately when paired with social media.


Example Content Writing

This is a snippet of writing utilized in SEO for one of my larger established designer diamond Jewelers who have consulted with me for daily seo service. I spend time thinking of what your potential customers are asking, would wonder or worry about, and do my best to solve problems, answer questions and educate when marketing.

Many honest people are unaware about diamond grading and behave under a misconception that the diamonds and rings they purchase from franchise jewelers are actually of superb quality, sold at a great bargain. The fact of the matter is, in an effort to cut costs, many of these businesses purchase lower grade diamonds in order to hit the lower price-points.
Christopher Lara

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Basic SEO Services (Bronze)

The Bronze package includes basic (non-marketing) seo services; we guarantee you visibility in Google, Yahoo and Bing when searchers look for you by your name, but do not provide any additional marketing or graphic design services as included with our Guaranteed Packages.
This package includes a domain name and matching email address if you do not currently have a website. We act as your website host, granting you access to update or post to it yourself. Most clients who purchase this package are bloggers and individuals for smaller projects not requiring exposure.

Only: $50 / Year. That’s just over $4 per month!


Guaranteed SEO Services & Consulting

Our marketing website packages also include truly invaluable seo consulting. Time spent on keyword research, competitive analysis and researching the industry contribute greatly to online success.
These packages also include automated Google Analytics Reports so you can monitor our services and track keyword growth. The reports are available at any time, usually set to email automatically each week, providing you with every detail about your website and our seo services.

Custom Website Design

There is a one time $600 set up fee to completely design your website. This includes logos, custom email, website copy and various custom banners to give your website a unique and professional look!




SEO Consulting and Website Marketing is billed at $25 / Hour. The Guaranteed $40 Monthly rate dedicates just 2 hours to your website, but is not limited to any specific request.
All packages benefit from our exclusive business consulting. Years of market research, determination, consistency and direct sales experience results in high conversion websites and profitable pay per click campaigns.

Guaranteed Package

Basic Marketing / Maintenance At the unreal price of only: $40 per Month or $400 Annually (2 Months Free)

Platinum Package

Weekly Marketing at just: $275 per Month or $2750 Annually (2 Months Free)

Ultimate Package

2x Weekly Marketing at just: $600 per Month or $6000 Annually (2 Months Free)

Unmatched Package

Daily Marketing at just: $1,900 per Month or $19,000 Annually (2 Months Free)

Templates & Designs

Browse through some Website Templates. This is only a handful of our collection but usually start with a simple, clean template and create custom backgrounds with icons to personalize the site and create something fine tuned to your industry.
All of the colors, photos, text and layout will be customized to your specific needs or wants. We implement your videos, logo, social networks, photos and more to your new website. Flash websites are not great for marketing, and so we do no recommend them.
Guaranteed SEO Billing
Our Monthly and Annual SEO Services that ensure organic traffic with relevant keywords on Google and other Search Engines is billed separately. We grant all new clients 1 Free Month of Search Engine Optimization services so you can see initial keyword progress and trust in our services before paying for them.
After completing the website, building your trust and seeing yourself in Google, we then send subscriptions through PayPal monthly or yearly depending on your preferred payment method. If local to Los Angeles and Orange County, Check or Cash payment arrangements can be made.
Refunds / Cancellation
Refunds and Cancellations are simple and worry free. In the very unlikely event that you’d wish to cancel our partnership, the domain name we purchased for you will be transferred to your name and email address for a flat $40 fee.
If you cancel our guaranteed seo services early and paid the service fees annually, you will be refunded for the months that we do not provide you services.
There are no refunds on the one time set up fee, or on seo service fees after starting keyword studies and optimizing a website.

Secure Purchase Options

Cash and Checks are accepted in person to clients local to Los Angeles and Orange County, CA but Invoices are securely sent and processed via Paypal & Square email invoices. These can be paid online with any credit or debit card.
For more information about us or our services, please read our frequently asked questions.