SEO Services FAQ


17 Jun SEO Services FAQ

How long will my website take to be built and go live?

los-angeles-seo-services-questions-answers-faq-2013This depends on many factors. Logos and banners take time to create and revise. The same is true with the website.

We have various templates available to get your website up and running within a few days. Our templates all include an email form to send any website questions directly to your custom email.

For Commission E-commerce websites, business agreements must be drawn out and digitally signed, but these websites are typically completed within one week.

How long will it take for your seo services to generate leads?

After consulting with you on your goals and product or services, we then design a keyword strategy to begin our seo services. Next we place those keywords in your website structure and content to generate organic traffic (SEO).

Depending on the level of competition for your keyword niche, we have had low competition customers receive calls in as little as 1 week and clicks (traffic/visitors) within days, but this can take multiple weeks to a month or two for the most competitive terms online.

Full Google Analytics reports are available to monitor and track growth. We are in the marathon with you and do everything possible to get you the highest positioning online.

We do not promise 1st place in Google, but our expert SEO Services ensure that all search engine robots will analyze your website for the keywords you need, and place you in peoples search queries.

Each and everyday there are millions of searches. The website we build for you is ready to consistently pop up in those searches, and those searchers are looking for your product or services!

A recent Google update has taken power away from the highly abused “exchange of backlinks” but to speed up the discovery and link base of our client’s websites, we implement various share features for email, social media and more!

Do I get a discount if I pay for the services in full each year?

We offer 2 months free for any customers who pay their guaranteed seo services annually. Currently, we only charge a 1 time yearly fee for our basic seo services, and do not have an additional discount on this low flat fee!

How do I know this transaction is safe?

We have implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol via Godaddy, Google and Paypal. SSL protects our customer information such as credit card numbers, names and addresses in the exchange between your computer, our server and the creditors servers. We do not receive any of your private debit or credit card information from these SSL gateway transactions. All transactions utilize one of these SSL connections and are of the highest level security.

For more information on our Security or Privacy Information visit our Privacy Policy 

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

We provide a service for you and in the state of California, the law does not require a tax on Services. There is no added tax on our seo services, only the low flat rate.

Can I edit and add to my website?

Yes, we can utilize one of our Content Management Systems to create you a website with different levels of users to add, remove or update content with ease. This is only for CMS/Blog websites and does not work for Flash animated or most larger E-Commerce applications.

Is there a warranty?

We have an SEO Guarantee similar to a warranty. Our expert seo services guarantee relevant and organic traffic to your website that will in turn generate clicks, calls and ultimately drive sales. We are here to help you succeed!

How do i get my orders or payments from Commission E-Commerce Websites?

Orders come in, we verify authenticity and lastly send them to you for shipment. In our business agreement we will outline payment plans, which can range from weekly to monthly depending on the product price range.

We take care of the website as well as transactions. You ship out your product and we transfer the profits to your paypal or bank. You don’t ever pay us again after we set up your website! Let us pay you!

How do i know people are visiting my website?

All websites include 24/7 traffic monitoring and we provide you pdf or excel format reports when requested. These reports track visitors flow, search keywords, visit duration and much more. We utilize Google Analytics to consistently monitor and improve our SEO Services on your website.